How to Qualify for Wholesale Prices

When you own a shop, you buy items at wholesale prices so that you can mark the prices up and sell them at a profit. The lower the wholesale price you pay the lower your prices for your retail customers can be, and the more sales you are likely to be able to make. To be in business your pricing must be competitive, and in order for your prices to be competitive, you need to buy all of your items from wholesale distributors.

It is really simple to qualify for wholesale pricing at Any customer whose order totals exceeds $500 will automatically qualify for the wholesale prices. You will need to go to the website of Always Prom and fill out a registration form so that your business is ready for shopping at the wholesale prices. It will only take you a few moments to register, and all of your information will be kept confidential.

There will be some information that you need to have handy when you are filling out your registration paperwork. You need to provide your business name and the physical address of the business. You will need to include a valid telephone number where you can be reached about your order. You will need to provide your federal tax identification number, or your EIN number. All of this is basic business information that allows you to buy merchandise with the intent on reselling it so you do not have to pay sales taxes when you order it wholesale.

The prices on the beautiful merchandise at Always Prom are very reasonable for everyone that shops there. When you register your business, you will get access to a private area of the website that is reserved strictly for wholesale customers. You will get to see prices that are unbelievably low. Buying in bulk, and buying wholesale, will provide you with a real money making opportunity.

At Always Prom our goal is to create a good working relationship with our customers, both retail, and wholesale, but for our wholesale customers we know that they require a little more than the retail customer buying just one dress. Our wholesale suppliers need merchandise that is priced competitively so they can stock their stores, and keep the prices reasonable. They need to know that they are getting top quality items, at the lowest possible price, and they need to know that if their customer has problems with a garment that we are going to stand behind everything that we sell.

At Always Prom we will do our very best to treat each or our wholesale customers like they are an extension of our business. Their business, their sales, their reputation, will all be important to us, and we will treat their business like it is our own. If our wholesale customers are unhappy, then we are unhappy. The success of our business relies on the success of our wholesale customers, so we work diligently to try and help you make a success with the merchandise you buy from us.